I’ve been finding the concept of entire neighborhoods being bereft of morality and normalcy very interesting and looking at how those ideas develop and who’s partaking in the vice-filled spaces of the city. The map is mainly just a general background of the early-mid 1900s formation of the Tenderloin and how those ideas kind of clashed with the general populous as well as how it clashed with city officials. There’s really nothing too nuanced about it. I chose the Tenderloin because I felt like it was something that nobody had really covered yet in the class and something that hadn’t really been touched on as an important counter-cultural center.

The workflow was fairly simple. I mostly ran through as many old Tenderloin stories and histories as I could, almost all I believe ended up coming from FoundSF, and piecing the resulting pictures and stories together into a coherent run through of the formation of the Tenderloin neighborhood. I started with the early issues, the dance hall crackdowns around Prohibition, worked through Prohibition into the 30s, 40s, WWII times, then moved on to Post WWII where a lot of the countercultural issues started cropping up, like crackdowns on Beats, Gay, and Black jazz communities.

I think pictures of events and people was a good way to represent the map. I don’t feel that street fronts or views of the bars and clubs from outside really represents what I was trying to touch on with the vibrancy and life of the depraved Tenderloin. It didn’t get that way because of the geography or the architecture, but because of the people that made it that way and I thought it was only fair to pay tribute to the human aspect of the whole things

Some shortcomings is that since I chose such a past time frame, finding useful primary sources and such was kind of iffy because the research and documentation of events is much less full than it is with the modern media today. I’m sure there’s a lot that I could add and bring in with more in depth research with the time or necessity, but I think I was able to get a lot of what I needed fairly easily from FoundSF and a fairly slim range of sources and redactions.


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